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2018-2019 WVSMA Officers

President Coy Flowers, MD
President – Elect  Sherri Young, DO
Vice President Bradley Hall, MD
Council Chair Bradley Henry, MD
Treasurer Shafic Sraj, MD
Speaker of the House Jack Kinder, MD
Vice Speaker of the House Larry Dial, MD
Senior Councilor-at-Large Rahul Gupta, MD
Junior Councilor-at-Large Paula Taylor, MD
Legislative Chair Adam Breinig, DO
Publications Chair F. Thomas Sporck, MD

AMA Delegation

Hoyt J. Burdick, MD
Joseph B. Selby, MD

Alternate Delegates
James D. Felsen, MD
Ron Stollings, MD

OMSS Delegate
Hoyt J. Burdick, MD

WVSMA Policy Compendium